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Sometimes known as a pavilion conservatory the Gable end design is a modern variation on traditional Edwardian designs; a Gable end conservatory features the same square or rectangle base. Both styles create the illusion of endless over head space, flooding the room with light and providing clean styling lines. However, the Gable end roof takes a dramatic shift from more traditional designs; being constructed of two slopes that meet along a central ridge, instead of the four slopes more common with Edwardian styles.

A understated version of a flat fronted Edwardian style a Gable end conservatory provides the perfect compromise between crisp modern lines and a more traditional elegance. The flat front of the Gable end can be styled to meet your taste we offer a choice of multiple finishing styles including sunburst or horizontal mullion effects. Thanks to modern construction techniques, we can alter the size of the conservatory by adding or subtracting certain features to make the conservatory work best for your home.

Why not add extra space to your home with a Gable ended conservatory; creating a calm, relaxing atmosphere bathed in light. Gable ended conservatories tend to be more suited to modern property’s; the most popular construction material being UPVC, the clean bold lines provide a very striking addition to a modern home. Similar to Edwardian designs; Gable end conservatories are constructed using a square or rectangle footprint with a triangle shaped roof.

A fantastic way to link your home and garden during the summer, the illusion of openness created by a Gable end conservatory can also bring more invigorating light into your home during the darker winter months. Gable end designs are renowned for the lack of condensation accumulation which is a real advantage when compared with similar conservatory designs.

As the Gable end design looks great in UPVC it tends to be used with a more modern home. However, we can offer a wide range of construction material options, allowing for changes in colour, pattern and finishing effect. This means that you can customise a Gable end conservatory to match your property’s existing style. We also offer a matching service where we can provide brickwork and roofing tiles to match your existing materials, this allows for a flawless continuation from your home to the new conservatory.

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